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UniWorld Ecosystem: Building the Future of AI & Blockchain

As mankind developed from hunting and event societies (Society 1.0) to info society (Society 4.0), new needs have powered the advancement of technology as humans attempt to meet them to live a more sustainable and comfortable life.
New innovation is being produced daily without any genuine issue of how appropriate it is to real-life situations or the benefits it gives society, as the theory has ended up being more crucial than application when it concerns innovation.
Obviously, advanced tools arent worth much is they cant be used in genuine life, and UniWorld understands how important it is to make cutting edge tech operate in the genuine world.
The UniWorld community was developed to provide members of Society 5.0 with the relevant tools to enable them to be part of the latest technological transformation, bringing innovations like AI and Blockchain to their daily life by facilitating its adoption and real-life use cases.

The global society that we reside in is changing rapidly. UniWorld has actually developed an integrated blockchain community that creates a method for people to connect in numerous methods without leaving the platform.
There are some major advantages to the platform that UniWorld continues to develop, and it may end up being a force for modification in the blockchain area.
UniWorld is Merging Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

The ecosystem concentrates on making existing technology more effective and smarter to enhance the advancement and empower of the clever society 5.0. By producing an environment that can be used by itself, UniWorld removes the need to several platforms that all need to collaborate.
Uniworld aims to change Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies as their adoption increases with Enterprises and users recognizing their potential.
Blockchain technology has the possible to take AI technology to a brand-new level by maximizing its speed and security, in addition to facilitating its training by increasing the information developers can feed the engine.
Growing in the Right Direction
Established in 2013 in Singapore, Uniworld establishes the most advanced and cutting edge innovations with the purpose of serve the AI and Blockchain economic sector.
Considering that its foundation, the business broadened around the world, has operations in Japan, Canada, Hungary, Poland, and Vietnam, with its headquarters still being located in Singapore.
To permit the completion of deals in the community, UniWorld has a native token named UniCash (UNW) which was just recently introduced in a pre-sale that occurred on July the 28th consisting of numerous rounds, offering out in the very first and second rounds.
The Ecosystems Fuel has actually Recently Entered a PreSale
UniCash tokens were first provided in a public presale that took location from July the 28th to August the 1st, offering a discount to incentivize its acquisition from interested financiers.
A total supply of 1 Billion UNW will be readily available in the community as soon as all the tokens are released, with an initial circulation of 300M UNW being planned with a 17% of the remaining tokens being opened every month.
The allocation of UniCash is expected to go as follows: 40% to the Ecosystem, 25% to the public sale, 12% to the tasks team, 10% to marketing, 8% to a private sale, 3% to Advisers, and 2% toward research study and advancement.
UniCash will also be rewarded as part of a referral program in the form of an additional 5% for any successful recommendation increasing depending on the rank the user referring has (VIP2, vip1, or vip3).
UniChain is Society 5.0s Take on Blockchain Technology
UniChain is a 4th generation Blockchain produced by UniWorld that uses a Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm integrated with HotStuff to supply scalability and One-second block finality.
The added support of multichain performance permits it to function as a structure for any job by verifying all side-chains states along with uniting them while keeping their blocks and deal validators.
The UniBridge procedure supervises of enabling the interaction between side chains by utilizing UniChains native smart agreement system, supporting popular blockchain platforms like Ethereum and EOS.
UniChain is open-source and includes its own native wallet for Android and iOS with UNW and BNB support, with support for other tokens already belonging to the businesss strategies.

Stephen Sim, UniWorld CEO, talked about the businesss worth,
” At UniWorld, instead of selling a concept, we are demonstrating the values of our already established innovation, through working together with partners and putting our innovation into real-world daily usage cases. This aligns with one of our core values, that is to bring innovation that makes the world a much better location”

UniWorld Seeks to Create Real Technological Value for Members of Society 5.0
UniWorld is a business focused on Smart Society 5.0, which explains the next action for a society that resolves social challenges by integrating the developments the 4th commercial transformation has provided: the Internet of Things (IoT), big information, expert system (AI), robotics, and sharing economy.
The UniWorld ecosystem consists of several platforms providing different applications to users ranging from C2C, b2c, and b2b. The most renowned platforms at this time are UniBot, UniMe, UniChain, and Mia.

UniBot: Unlocking Artificial Intelligences Potential for Real Interactions
UniBot is a personal 3D avatar chatbot platform base that posses the capability to serve consumers in different locations such as customer service, sales, education, social network, technical assistance, and lots of others.
UniBot is available as a web platform or an AI Engine, which provides different alternatives and benefits to designers aiming to integrate AI in their projects according to their needs.
The AI engine has the capability to reveal emotions, find out using deep knowing, self script, incorporate various messaging services, procedure language naturally, procedure vision, and numerous others.
Uniworlds technique for UniBot consists of approaching AI using 4 various components: Memory, Mind, Awareness, and Mood, each of them partitioning into other components and offering a special benefit and capability to the bot.
UniMe: Merging Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence
The “Messaging App for Society 5.0” aims to offer a personal, totally free, and credible option to other messaging apps currently readily available to iOS and Android users.
The app connects people and virtual supports to permit its users to enjoy more time doing what matters to them by offering features that streamline its use and advantages.
UniMe is all about taking benefit of both blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. As so, it offers end-to-end file encryption for messages and calls alike, a crypto wallet, a virtual assistant powered by UniBot, and an infrastructure powered by UniChain.
UniMe is a perfect example of what UniWorld Aims to create: A platform where Blockchain and AI meet to provide consumers with advantages and features they can benefit from everyday, improving their quality of life and adopting new innovations to their truth.

The Multiple Intelligences Alliance Foundation Drives Innovation
Several Intelligences Alliance (MIA) is a decentralized and transparent fund base made to conquer a few of the issues that the health and education market face by helping charity and neighborhood activities.
MIA enables users to take part in its social media platform with included benefits powered by UniWorlds technology and approving access to Artificial intelligence & & Blockchain Communities with multiple purposes such as Business matching, High-profile Conference, Content Curation, Marketing, Pr & & Branding, and State-Of-The-Art Consulting.
UniWorld has actually put itself at the nexus of emerging technologies that can help the worldwide society become its complete potential. Keep an eye on what this ingenious company is developing– it might be the model for the next generation of info facilities.

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