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Guide to the Uniworld Ecosystem: Tech For a New Era of AI & Blockchain

Uniworld is an inclusive AI & & Blockchain ecosystem with the vision to bring technologies closer to human life and raise living standards all over.
To accomplish its goals, Uniworld offers advanced infrastructure and high-tech applications and solutions, which are constantly researched, developed, and renovated by Unilab DAO Network.
The group is an international company established in 2013 and is active throughout the world, with operations in Japan, Canada, Singapore, Hungary, Poland, and Vietnam.
Presently, Uniworlds main base is situated in Singapore, with the legal organisation registration license accredited by the island citys authority. Singapore is an excellent location for any sort of blockchain development and uses a rich skill swimming pool, as well as intelligent investors.
Up until now, Uniworld has been concentrating on 2 essential product layers:

The core products of Uniwolrd consists of 2 major components, which are Unichain (an in-house blockchain technology with the power to extensively broaden the scope of blockchain use) and Unibot (an AI platform with deep self-learning capability).
Thanks to the accomplishment of the above 2 core layers, Uniworld has studied and produced a variety of practical items, one of which is called Unime. This product combines the nature of Unichain and Unibot. Particularly, Unime kinds a bridge that connects individuals with a clever society.

More Innovations from Uniworld are Coming

Unime may be a breakthrough when it comes to improving users comfort and bringing brand-new technologies closer to genuine life. Uniworld has actually done great work in establishing an environment, which covers practically everything, from “exchanges, wallets, otc, dapp, pure blockchain …”.

Thanks to the accomplishment of the above 2 core layers, Uniworld has actually studied and produced a variety of practical products, one of which is called Unime. This item combines the nature of Unichain and Unibot. Specifically, Unime forms a bridge that connects individuals with a clever society.

In the extremely near future, Uni group is planning to raise funds from the blockchain neighborhood by providing the coin Unicash (UNW) which can be used for any transactions in its ecosystem.
To make themselves differ when compared to other services using tokens and offering whitepapers, Uniworld has actually finished developing a different mainnet to nourish “their own coin Unicash/ UNW as the native cryptocurrency of UniWorld.io Ecosystem.”
More info about Uniworld ecosystem can be discovered right here.
Knowing More About UniChain
UniChain is a distinct blockchain platform that applies the latest technological generation of BC 4.0 in its functions, such as “TPS up to millions, cross chain, multichain” with speed and efficiency.
At the minute, UniChain permits users to create a UNI wallet to get a benefit of 5 UNW and experience instant transactions. Transaction speeds on blockchain networks can be sluggish, and instant transactions would be a huge selling point for the platform.
UniChains specs are remarkable– from the variety of deals per second (TPS), block time, confirmation time, and so on.
Whilst many of crypto capital raisings are released with tokens and not a mainnet, UniChain distinguishes itself for finishing its own mainnet in April 2020. The company hopes it will empower its ability to develop “fundamental tools to develop a token, side chain on the primary network”.
, if you would like to sign up for an account right now just click here.


Since the group understands the publics appetite for ways to gain access to details, Uniworld has been establishing multiple comms channels, from its main website to popular social media networks, such as Telegram, Youtube, Twitter, and Github.
Uniworld likewise communicates its members by often updating hot subjects on bitcoin or its own news page.
Users can likewise share their ideas with the group via assistance channels. Uniworld has a service registration number Singapore, which assists to show that it is sincere about providing worth and innovation.
Unicash and The Pre-Sale Launch.
Unicash is coming quickly, and there are ways to take part in the pre-launch and launch of the token. If you are interested in getting a head start on the sale, here are some information.
Requirements and registration.
Unicash (UNW) is the Uniworlds own coin that works similarly to other existing cryptocurrencies. The coins total supply is unexpandable at 1 billion UNW.
Now, all information related to Unicash pre-sale, personal sale, and public sale has actually been exposed so that financiers can participate if they pick to do so.
Formally, UniChain platform is in charge of the initial flow of Unicash, with the launched quantity of 300 million UNW. The private price is $0.15 per unit, the assigned number is 5%, comparable to 5,000,000 UNW, and the opening rate is 17% each month.
The pre-sale and public sale will have an optimum volume of 12,200,000 UNW and 240,000,000 UNW respectively, equivalent to 1.22% and 24% of the overall supply.
The unit rate in the pre-sale duration is approximately $0.24 and the unlocking rate is 17%/ month, while the public sale is provided at $0.34/ UNW and will be opened at 50% a month.
Every trader from all over the world can start now by registering an account at:.
You will need to create a new UNI wallet, which runs in the same way as other blockchain platforms, such as blockchain.com or TRUST.

A Little About Unibot
Unibot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that supports clever web browsing by producing AI bots. Applications for Unibot might be found in both the domestic and industrial sectors.
Building Bridges With Unime
Unime is developed to be a bridge that brings human beings to a world that has a smart society. Unime 1.0 without the presence of wallets and AI bots are now offered for download from Google Play shop, while a new upgrade with the combination of crypto wallets and bots is predicted to be launched by the end of July of this year.
Similar to SIGNAL platform, Unime is developed for extremely protected texting and calling, with no concerns of intervention from a 3rd party. Unimes platform, which is incorporated with 3 other ones, can carrying out multiple jobs all at once.
Unime might be a breakthrough when it concerns enhancing users convenience and bringing new technologies more detailed to reality. It is likewise a door that opens for brand-new traders to the crypto market. Uniworld has done terrific work in developing an environment, which covers nearly everything, from “exchanges, wallets, otc, dapp, pure blockchain …”.

Unicash Pre-sale Details.
Unicash tokens are being provided early at an appealing rate. The pre-sale round is divided into 3 sessions, happening on 28 July, 30 July, and 1 August.
The first buyers are getting the most competitive cost, at $0.22/ UNW on the 1st round, and increases up to $0.24 and $0.26 per UNW for the next 2 rounds.
There is a specific amount being released, which will have to do with 2 million UNW on the 1st pre-sale, with the number for the 3rd and 2nd round rising to 4 million and 6 million UNW.
Around 40% of the Unicash is predicted to be dispersed inside the Uniworld community, while 25% will be spread through the public sale. Other proportions will be designated to the task team (12%), for marketing (10%), R&D (8%), consultant (3%) and personal sale (2%).
The only way to buy Unicash is by using the Binance coin (BNB). BNB is easy to purchase on Binance or other exchanges that support the token.
Uniworld likewise offers an amazing referral program, which rewards an effective referrer with an extra 5% of UNW. There are 3 different rankings (VIP1, VIP2, VIP3) so regarding reward individuals for advising the task to individuals they understand.
Learn more about the pre-sale, or the affiliate program.

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