Tuesday, April 13

Chinese BTC Miners Can Oust Western Competition

The figures above just think about the bare minimum. Electrical energy expenses and Antminer S19 Pros hardware profile. Lease, staff incomes, cooling expenses, and any other expenditures that mining farms experience are not thought about.

One factor behind the spike is the execution of the current mining hardware as a response to the increased difficulty-to-reward ratio brought on by the cutting in half occasion in May..

Taking a look at information from Glassnode we pertain to the conclusion that BTC (old and brand-new) is primarily leaving the exchanges, most likely to be kept at more safe areas such as hardware wallets.

Presuming the cost of $0.03 per kWh, Chinese miners can sell profitably as long as BTCs rate is over $4,453..

Using the finest miner at the time of composing, Chinese miners are making a month-to-month earnings of $180, while their western equivalents are hardly scraping by with a month-to-month revenue of $14.

Core Scientific is one of the major US-based competitors, who recently purchased more than 14,000 Antminer S9s due to provide by September. The rest, unless they protect sources of inexpensive electrical energy and the current hardware, will be eliminated of the industry.

The situation is alarming, Chinese miners are controling and have the chance to earn a higher share of the mining industry. Chinese monopoly on BTC mining is unlikely, however with restricted sources of cheap electrical energy for the rest of the world is at a major disadvantage in the race to claim the worlds most relied on digital asset

Newer mining models are even more lucrative, and with the increase of trouble post halving, some say mandatory. The Antminer S9 still remains hardly profitable in China, but for the rest of the world, its outdated..

Information from ByteTree begins to reveal a different story, one that shows BTC miners are offering more than what they produce. If this pattern catches on, BTC rate will remedy to a lower support level, potentially pressing western miners off the network need to the rate fall below $8,900.

Over the previous one month, miners have been coming back to BTC in troves, and on Jul. 8, broke the all time record of 126 Exahashes.

At the very same time, a lot of western miners would lose money if they sold below $8,900..

Source: F2Pool.

The latest Antminer S19 Pro leads the pack with the finest possible performance on the market of 30 W/T.


Due to the fact that they often have to pay more than $0.10 per kWh of electrical energy, existing Bitcoin costs are not lucrative for western miners. The exception are mining farms that operate utilizing geothermal or hydropower sources..

Alternatively, Chinese mining farms take pleasure in low energy rates year-round, varying from $0.03 to $0.05 per kWh. These low expenses allow them to complete easily versus their western equivalents..

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